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Postbox Spam Training

I’m finding that my training of PostBox is having no effect. I understand the process (hitting ‘J’). But having now worked with spamsieve+postbox for more than a month, I still get the same spam messages, even after training them sometimes more than a dozen times.

Spamsieve wuth Apple Mail works great. But Postbox has been useless. Is there anything else I can/should do to get it working?

All the same training that you did in Apple Mail is available for Postbox as well (unless you’re using a different Mac) so the filtering accuracy should be similar. If it’s not working, please see this page.

My settings are as instructed. With Mail and Postbox running simultaneously, the same spam message will be properly screened by Mail, but will end up in my PostBox InBox.

Is your mail account configured as POP or IMAP? Could you explain a bit about why you are trying to filter the same messages with two different programs? That can cause problems because Mail and Postbox do not show SpamSieve the same message data.