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PostBox SpamSieve Bouncing Icon with a large number

I an new to spamsieve. I am unist MAC 10.12.3 with Postbox 5.0.12 Spamslieve is 2.9.28 I have lots of repeats in my junk folder but none is SPAM or TRASH. The SpamSieve icon in the tray is frequently bouncing and has had as high a number as 94. Please tell me what is happening and were to read or what to do. Thanks you!!!

It’s normal for Postbox to put the message that SpamSieve thinks are spam into the Junk mailbox. The number in SpamSieve’s Dock icon counts the new good messages, and there are preferences to control whether it bounces.

How do I keep erroneously labeled emails from being put in junk the next time?

When I find emails in the Junk that are not spam, what do I do to keep them from returning to the junk folder?

You should mark them as Not Junk. Please see Step 9.