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Postbox v3.0.9 - what happens to mail that is marked as "Not Junk" (gmail account)

In Postbox, incoming email is via my gmail account. Gmail comes with a Spam folder and I have set up a Junk folder (also online) as instructed by SpamSieve documentation. When email comes in and is marked as Junk and upon review of the Junk box I pick an email that I mark as “Not Junk”, it leaves that Junk folder. When it leaves the folder I have not the slightest idea where it goes…I do know that it seems not to reappear in my Inbox. Would appreciate some assistance on what I must do to assure that any email I mark as Not Junk goes to my Inbox. thanks.


As far as I know, the behavior when marking a message as Not Junk is not configurable in Postbox. But it’s supposed to move the message to the inbox. Since SpamSieve doesn’t touch the message—it just trains it when told to—this is not something I can help you with. I suggest contacting Postbox support.