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Is a plug-in available for this new Email client?

Not currently, but I’m looking into whether that will be possible.

Far as I can tell, Michael, Postbox now supports plug-ins.

Have you/they contacted each other about your wonderful program lately?


Yes, we corresponded last week. When/if I have a plug-in ready for people to try, I’ll post in the forum.

Hi Michael-

Interesting, since PostBox currently uses the same engine and add-on structure as Thunderbird 3.x, the SS plug-in you may develop might work with both eMail clients.


It’s not that simple. Part of the engine is the same. Some JavaScript add-on hooks are the same. But as far as I know (the Postbox folks are checking on this) attaching a spam filter requires using C++ hooks. These are different between Thunderbird and Postbox, and the relevant parts of Postbox are not open source.

Here is a thread about SpamSieve in Postbox’s forums.

I realized that this thread didn’t have a very clear resolution. The current situation is that I’ve discussed this with the Postbox developers. Due to the architecture of Postbox, SpamSieve integration is a feature that would need to be added on their end. They’ve expressed interest in doing this, and I’ve sent them the necessary technical information. If you’d like this to be a high priority, please tell them.

SpamSieve 2.8.4 includes a plug-in for Postbox 2.0.