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Potentially dumb question about Postbox and SpamSieve

I’ve used SpamSieve for at least a couple years now, and it is absolutely the one spam solution that just works.

Now that I’ve moved to PostBox 2.5 (yes, it’s in beta, but I noticed this under the earlier versions of PostBox as well), I notice that SpamSieve’s dock icon does not appear whenever e-mail arrives. SpamSieve does do this when running Apple Mail.

Here’s the dumb question: Is SpamSieve still working, even though the icon doesn’t appear?

I’ve not selected for it to be hidden when running.

No. I would suggest that you check the setup and make sure that it works for you with the release version of Postbox before updating to the beta.

It’s working in 2.1.4…
It is working in 2.1.4, with the icon appearing. I guess it just doesn’t work with 2.5 (yet). That’s ok, I’m good with 2.1.4 of postbox.

Thanks for the follow-up. I will look into the situation with Postbox 2.5.

Due to architectural changes, Postbox 2.5 is going to require a new plug-in/add-on for SpamSieve. There are currently some technically issues blocking this, but the Postbox developers are looking into how to resolve them.

Any update on PostBox 2.5?

Would love to get SpamSieve working with Postbox 2.5. Are there still things blocking this on the Postbox side?



OK. I’ll try and make a little noise over on the Postbox side. What specifically is the issue?


Postbox is closed source, so although I’ve written the plug-in code it has to be compiled by the Postbox developers. And there are some changes to the way plug-ins work in 2.5. I’ve heard from one of the developers recently, and he’s working on it.

Anyone who’s beta testing Postbox 2.5, please contact me via e-mail.

Postbox 2.5 now out of beta
I’m evaluating SpamSieve with Postbox as my main email client. Have upgraded to Postbox 2.5 and at first the SpamSieve plug-in didn’t seem to work as outlined above. Are things any different with the release version of Postbox 2.5?

Please contact me via e-mail to try a pre-release version of SpamSieve that works with Postbox 2.5.

No success running Spam Sieve with Postbox 2.5

I have your last beta that is suppose to run with Postbox 2.5

SpamSieve does not start at all

Anything thing I should do, I followed instructions from SpamSieve manual on how to set up Dropbox
with no avail

Thanks for any help

All questions about pre-release versions should be directed to spamsieve@c-command.com. Please describe exactly what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen instead.

SpamSieve 2.8.6 adds support for Postbox 2.5. For now you will need to follow the instructions in the Setting Up Postbox section of the manual; eventually Postbox should be able to auto-update the SpamSieve add-on, though.