Pre-filter specific objectionable spam to send it to Trash?

I receive, on a daily basis, multiple spam emails from a specific source that are so objectionable, I don’t want to see them in my Junk folder. Is there a way to insert a rule ahead of SpamSieve that will send these specific emails directly to Trash? I am using the Mail plug-in in Mojave. I don’t want to do anything that will undermine the performance of SpamSieve, which is doing an excellent job of identifying spam and sending it to Junk.

Yes, when using the Mail plug-in setup, you can make an Apple Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule. This will completely bypass SpamSieve, so it will not be able to protect you in the event that your rule moves good messages to the Trash.

Thank you!

If you access your mail from multiple devices in addition to your Mac (e.g. an iPhone), setting up a rule in Mail on your Mac won’t move the message until and unless Mail is running actively on the Mac and downloads the message. If the Mac is shut down, you’ll still see the message in your inbox on the other device(s).

An alternative way to handle this is to set up a server-side rule. With a server-side rule, the message would be moved before it downloads to any device.

It appears you’re using Apple’s iCloud mail. Here’s how to set up a server-side rule in iCloud Mail:

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Thank you. I will try that.