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Pre-purchase question - email

I am testing eagelfiler… I have a pre-purchase question about email archiving
I use Outlook 2011. In outlooks inbox, outlook shows you a “replied” icon if you replied to that received email
You can click on the icon and that will bring up the email that was sent in reply
And if there were multiple replies, there is an icon for each reply which will bring up that send message.

Will I be able to do this in EagleFiler?
I.e., will I be able to get to the replied message from the received message?
And what about if there were multiple replies?


EagleFiler will import and display the replied status, so you can see which messages you replied to (or forwarded, redirected, etc.). It does not currently have a direct way, like in Outlook, to show you the replies for a particular message. However, you can sort by Title, and then EagleFiler will show messages in the same thread together (ignoring “Re:” prefixes, etc.).

Hi Michael
Thanks for your reply
This is a bit of an issue for me because many of my email have the same subject which means that this will bring up many emails that are not related (For this reason I also dont use “organize by conversation”)
Is this something that you can see adding in the near future?


Yes, although it may help that they are sorted by date.

I’m not sure about “near future,” but this is definitely something I plan to add.