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Prevent "Good" category in Outlook 2016

I’ve configured SpamSieve to work with Outlook 2016 on my Mac & the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app is working. However, the script seems to be adding a “Good” category to all non-filtered mail. I sort my inbox by category and this is pushing new emails to the bottom. I’ve run the SpamSieve - Change Settings script, but there doesn’t appear to be an option to prevent it from adding the category. Any way to change this behavior?

Double post.

You could edit the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script and change the second line to:

property pGoodCategoryName : ""

The downside to this is that since the script can’t mark the messages that are good, it will continually reprocess any unread messages in the inbox.

Thanks. That helps. Sorry about the double posting. I didn’t notice the bit about moderating new posts.