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Preview pane is slow....

I know that there have been similar comments, but I’m finding the preview pane drawing very slowly…if I’m up or down arrowing through a list of files, the scrolling is often slowed by the drawing of the preview…when I stop on a particular file, the draw is also very slow. I’ve noticed this especially on excel files.

I know that some of my files are rather large, but the preview is definitely slower than Apple’s native finder cover flow.

I’m running a 2010 Macbook Pro with 10.7.2 and 8gb memory, lots of free HD space.

Any way to speed things up?



I don’t recall seeing other comments about this particular issue. How large are these files? I don’t know whether you have the option of using Numbers instead of Excel, but Numbers previews draw much faster because the documents have embedded PDF previews. For Excel, EagleFiler has to wait for the system’s Quick Look plug-in to read the file and render a preview image.

Secondly, EagleFiler is specifically designed so that if you arrow-down quickly it will go to the next record without even trying to draw the preview.

Is your Finder cover flow view showing previews of the same size as the EagleFiler preview pane?

I have also been having speed issues with the preview pane, but I’m not sure whether they are connected to previews - EF seems to not be drawing previews (as mentioned above) if I try to scroll rapidly through a list of records. But it is very slow to change records, at least on my Macbook Air - it is fine on my iMac. Even holding the down arrow to scroll through takes about 3/4 of a second to move between records, and there is a lag even when using the mouse to select them.

It is also independent of the size of the documents and the number of records - I created a new empty library and imported a few items and it behaved the same.

It’s actually at the point of being unusable on the Air, unfortunately.

Which version of Mac OS X are you using? When you hold down the arrow key, does it display each record’s preview? What about if you press the Down Arrow key rapidly? (For comparison, I have an 18-month-old MacBook Pro. When I hold down the arrow key it does not display the previews, and it flips through them at a rate of 23-per-second.) I don’t think your Air is that slow, so I’d be interested to see some sample logs of what it’s doing. Please open the Activity Monitor program and select EagleFiler in the list. Choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then, while it’s recording, do your arrow-key test. Please do this a few times, then save the sample windows to files and send them to me.

  • It is the latest Lion, 10.7.2. EagleFiler used to be fine on this machine, but I’m not sure at what point this started.
  • I only get a preview when I release the key and the movement stops.
  • Pressing the key rapidly is the same as holding it down.

I’ve done a few samples and I’ll send them in email. I also took a short video that is me holding the down arrow until it gets to the bottom then releasing, then holding up until it gets to the top then releasing, then clicking around with the mouse randomly.

Thanks. It looks as though the delay is in updating the icon in the Info inspector’s titlebar. I’ll see if there’s a way to optimize this, but in the meantime does it help if you close that inspector window?

Sorry, didn’t get the notification for some reason - yes it does, it zooms through them very quickly with the inspector closed.

On my main work library (which has lots of tags) it’s still slightly slow when the tag cloud window is open but the inspector isn’t - with both of those closed it’s very fast too.

I’ve made this much faster in EagleFiler 1.5.7.