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Preview scaling algorithm

Invoices scanned to PDF are illegible in the EagleFiler preview pane. Lots of moiré and disappearing lines. QuickLook comes up at exactly the same size, but looks loads better. How about changing the scaling algorithm?

I view scanned invoices all the time and have not seen this problem. Could you post or e-mail me a sample PDF file so that I can see what you’re referring to?

EagleFiler is using the standard Mac OS X PDF viewer. I don’t think it has a way of changing the scaling algorithm.

Thanks for sending the sample PDF. I’m getting the same results as you on Snow Leopard, but it looks great on Lion. The PDF image interpolation settings can only be controlled on Lion. (It looks like maybe Preview and Quick Look get special access to that on 10.6.) So I think you would need to upgrade to get the better scaling.

Thanks. I’ll start my list of compelling reasons with this :wink: