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Preview window, can we scroll more than the first page of a PDF?

Hello, I’m wondering if it’s possible or will in future be possible to scroll through a pdf using the preview window, rather than having to open mac Preview? I can only see the first page of any document. I’m wondering, because if there’s a function in EF to view the first page, perhaps it could be able to work for all pages?

This would probably be great on all file types, for me I use mostly PDFs.

It’s likely been asked before, but I couldn’t locate - thanks.

It’s possible in several ways.

In the single page view (what it looks like you’re seeing) you can use the space bar/shift-space, up/down keys or page up/down to see other pages. You can also customize the toolbar to add buttons to navigate by page if you want:


Under View > PDF or in the context menu for a PDF you can also pick the continuous scrolling view if you’d prefer.

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Thanks for explaining that, @nriley. Additionally, you can use the Quick Look command if you want to get a larger view in a separate window within EagleFiler.

Thats great - the single scroll option works great, thank you. I find that the arrow keys don’t work for me, just go up and down the library.


Sorry — should have been clearer. To use the arrow keys to scroll the PDF you need to first click on the PDF or use the Tab key to put keyboard focus in the record viewer. You can use shift-tab to go back to the record list, or use the previous record/next record keyboard shortcuts (in the Go menu) to remain in the record viewer while you navigate around.

Anyway, glad you found something that worked for you!

Right, or you can use the keyboard shortcuts for the menu commands regardless of which pane has keyboard focus.

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Thank you!