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Problem enabling SpamSieve in Airmail preferences

Hello - I’ve downloaded and installed a trial of SpamSieve specifically for use with Airmail [Version 1.3.1 (223)] but in Airmail advanced preferences the enable SpamSieve check box is still greyed out and unavailable. What do I need to do in order to enable it?

I’m not sure why that would be, since Airmail should enable it automatically. Please make sure that SpamSieve is installed directly in your Applications folder. Then restart your Mac and check Airmail again.

Tanks Michael - I can confirm SpamSieve is directly inside my Applications folder. I’ve just restarted the mac and the problem is the same.

OK, then I would check Console to see whether Airmail is reporting a related error. If not, you would need to contact Airmail tech support to see why their product is not finding your copy SpamSieve.

OK I have checked console as instructed and replied to your email with Mylog.log as attachment – there do appear to be some errors.

Hello - is anybody there?
Am I going to be passed backwards and forwards between Airmail and SpamSieve on this one then?

Thanks for sending the log. I do see some network and sandbox errors from Airmail, but nothing related to SpamSieve. I’ve contacted the Airmail developers to get some more information about what might be happening here.

Thanks for that Michael. I have to say I contacted Airmail initially and they referred me to you guys. Look forward to hearing back.

Same here.

I’m having the exact same problem and have not been able to resolve it. Any updates on this?

Macbook Pro running OSX 10.7.5
Airmail 1.3.3
SpamSieve 2.9.14


Please forward me via e-mail the reply you got from Airmail Support, a screenshot showing SpamSieve in your Applications folder, and the Console log entries from when you launch Airmail and try to enable SpamSieve in the preferences.

Also, it may help to use the current beta version of Airmail.

Thanks for the additional information. I have contacted the Airmail developers and will let you know when I have a solution for you.

I think the problem is that Airmail requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later in order to integrate with SpamSieve.