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Problem Importing Email Messages from Apple Mail Possibly Because of Duplicates

Hi Eagle Filer Forum,

I recently moved to MailMate as my default email program and am currently using Eagle Filer as part of a 30-day trial. Until a month ago I was using Apple Mail and Mail Steward. I don’t find Mail Steward very user friendly and frankly there is something about that company that rubs me the wrong way. I like Michael Tsai whom I have corresponded with as a user of Spam Sieve and based on my limited time using Eagle Filer, I would be very happy if I could make Eagle Filer would work for me. I have read/skimmed the manual.

What I want to do is use Eagle Filer to be a repository for certain email messages like receipts, software licenses, business emails, etc. that I don’t want to save online to an IMAP mailbox/folder/account. With Apple Mail I did this using Local folders but this was problematic for example when I did a clean install.

I trying am trying to migrate all of these to Eagle Filer from Apple Mail/Local Folders and am running into an issue importing email messages from a local folder in Apple Mail. I have a top level mailbox named Receipts that is broken to sub-folders including a mailbox named Software. I also have another top level folder named Licenses that holds emails with software licenses. I cannot get Licenses to import and I suspect it is because it some emails that are duplicates of those in Receipts/Software. I have checked the Preferences in Eagle Filer to Allow duplicate files in library. If I can get this done I will become a licensed user of Eagle Filer which would be great! I don’t mind destroying my current Eagle Filer database and re-importing these Local folders if necessary.

Thank you in advance


Which method are you using to import, and what happens? Does it report an error? Do you not see the Licenses mailbox or certain e-mails within it?

Allow duplicate files in library does not apply to e-mails, and EagleFiler’s duplicate-removal-during-mail-import only applies to messages within the same mailbox. So I don’t think either is the issue here.

Thank you Michael. I must have done something wrong. I deleted the database, created a new one, imported again by selecting the mailbox in the sidebar of Apple Mail and everything imported correctly. Now I am going to c-command.com to become a licensed ‘owner’ of EagleFiler and tell Mail Steward good-bye. This will make my day. Thank you again Michael for EagleFiler.

Great, thanks! A guess as to what may have happened before: EagleFiler imports exactly what you tell it. If you select all the messages in a mailbox to capture from Mail, it will import those messages. If you select a mailbox and no messages, it will import the mailbox. But if you accidentally press the capture key when you’ve selected a bunch of messages, but not all of them, you won’t get all of them. For example, this can happen if you choose Select All before Mail has finished loading all of the messages in the mailboxes you’ve selected.