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Problem setting Capture Key on Yosemite

I did a clean wipe-and-install of Yosemite on my Mac. EagleFiler seems to be working fine, except that I cannot set the capture key. It registers the modifier keys that I’m holding down, as I can see the symbols in the input box. If I type a combination that is already being used, it will give me a message about that. However, whenever I type in a combination that is not being used, it does not get saved. The field goes right back to “Type Shortcut” and it never registers the key that I type, other than the modifiers (ctrl, option, command, shift)

This is caused by a bug in Yosemite. I’ve worked around it for the next version of EagleFiler. If you contact me via e-mail I’ll send you a link for the current beta.

EagleFiler 1.6.3 works around the OS bug that prevented this from working in Mac OS X 10.10.