Problem with copying records from one library to another

To slim down one of my libraries, I’ve been copying records from one library to another, batching them by tag. I’ve used the “drag and drop” approach, which seems to work well.

But at least twice, I’ve noticed that all the files (Yes – they were all selected!) didn’t copy over. I checked this by doing a tag search in both libraries and comparing the indicated counts. One time, I re-did the drag and drop and the one overlooked record did copy over. The second time, the record remained uncopied even after I repeated the process.

I’ve not heard of that happening before. Are you selecting the tag in the sidebar (at the left) and then doing Select All in the records list (at the right)? And then dragging to where?

Normally, if there is an error, the Errors window will open and show that there was a duplicate or a file system error or whatever. You can also open it from the Window menu.

I can also take a look if you send in a diagnostic report.

I’ve been selecting all, then dragging them into the records list of the recipient library.
I just tried again to copy the records that had the problem before.
In both libraries, the numbers of records are the same whether they are chosen via the tag list or via the search box: 824 records in the donor library, and 823 in the recipient library.

The error report showed lots of duplicates, but nothing else.
I copied it into a WORD document (enclosed).
I think it’s recorded several of my copying jobs, not just this one.



Yes, it seems like it is finding many of them to be duplicates. If you want to import the files, anyway, you could check the Allow duplicate files in library option in the settings.

Is there a file that’s being skipped but not flagged as a duplicate? If so, are you able to drag it to a new test library?