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Problem with Entourage Rules


I can’t get SpamSieve to move spam to the junk email folder. I think it is registering it as spam as the number of good messages is correct. My rules may be the problem. I have rules that move messages to a new folder. When I set move messages as one of the actions, the ability to turn off “Do not apply other rules to messages that meet this criteria” becomes grayed out.

So, if it is a message that the “move to new folder” rule is applied, the SpamSieve rule isn’t run. Alternatively, if I put the SpamSieve rule high in the list, the move messages to a specific folder will not run. Is there a way to do both? Can I turn off “Do not apply other rules…” in SpamSieve?


With Entourage 2004, you can do both by using two SpamSieve rules and putting them above your other rules. With Entourage v.X, it’s not possible to turn off “Do not apply other rules” but there is a workaround.

Thanks Michael!

I have Entourage 2004. I’m sorry I didn’t see this in the help file. I looking forward to having it work!