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Problem with importing web pages from subscribed media

I subscribe to several newspapers, for example The Times (London) and the Washington Post. I cannot import items to my EagleFiler archive from some media because I cannot enter my userID from EagleFiler. Instead of getting an archived article, I get a message saying I must subscribe, but I am already subscribed!

Is there a workaround to this from EagleFiler?

Yes, you could use Save PDF to EagleFiler, the To Import folder, or the system service. Please see Private Web Pages.

Saving to pdf does not work. I get a pdf of the message to subscribe.

I have tried the private web pages options:

  1. Saving as web archive in Safari to the “importing web pages” folder. I get the message “Please subscribe”
  2. Saving as pdf in Safari and placing it in the “importing web pages” folder: I get the text only, no pictures or comments. I guess that is better than nothing :expressionless:

Yes, sometimes a Web archive won’t work because the page has JavaScript that changes or hides the page content when the archive is loaded.

Printing to PDF may change the appearance of the page because some pages have different style sheets for screen vs. printing.

In your case, it sounds like the best option would probably be to use the import service.

The service options are already available (ticked), but they do not display in Safari so I cannot use them in that app - or in Firefox

You have to select the text to import before the service menu items will be shown in Safari.

Thank you. I import the page (or selected bit) as rich text then, which is quite messy compared with a web archive, but I guess that is the way to workaround.

Another way would be to enable me to log in from Eaglefiler which does not work at the moment

I have contacted one of the newspapers which will not let me import web archives into EagleFiler to ask them why I cannot archive files and to fix the problem.

If you’re using Safari, unless you’ve changed the ImportTextAsWebArchive esoteric preference, it should import the text as a Web archive. So if you Select All it should look exactly the same as what you see in the browser. Firefox only supports rich text, which does not preserve the formatting as well.

I think it has to do with whether the site lets you stay logged in via a persistent cookie or whether the login is confined to a particular session in the browser.

I haven’t heard back from the newspaper, but your last esoteric preference works pretty well, so thank you for your help.

I get the text only, no pictures or comments. I guess that is better than nothing.

If you are using Safari, you should get everything, including pictures. I’m not sure what “comments” refers to.

Yes, it is working very well and I think I’ll use Cmd% from now on (even though it isn’t as fast as your import scripts) for all of my items so that if/when I unsubscribe from an online medium the webarchives are not in danger of disappearing, as they have done for dozens of imported stories (just recently discovered their loss :frowning: = hours of wasted time importing them).

The “comments” are comments from readers of the article. I am not too fussed about webarchiving all of them.

Thank you very much for your help.