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Problem with Mail Act-On

I am running 10.10.2 Spamsieve 2.9.19 and Mail Act-On 3.1.3b1666
I have set MAO so when I press F2 I have a choice of a letter with which to color a message by a given color.
Sometimes, not always, I press F2 and another letter and instead of coloring the message it is marked as junk as Spamsieve does. I click, not junk and repeat the process and my message takes the color I need.
This is happening since the update to 10.10.2 or to the latestst Spamsieve.

Thank you


Have you reported this to Indev? It sounds like maybe Mail Act-On is invoking the SpamSieve rule on that message. You can tell for sure by checking SpamSieve’s log.

Yes, I have reported to Indev. Just had it happen again and there is nothing in the Spamsieve Log

Thank you

In that case, it sounds like it is applying the rule action while ignoring the conditions (i.e. not consulting SpamSieve).