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Problem with mailbox names containing å,ä and ö

I’m on my first day with EagleFiler so it may very well be that I’m missing something here. However, I have encountered what seems to be a problem for non-English speaking users.

When I try to import mail boxes that have names containing characters in the higher ASCII register like å, ä and ö (which are quite common in ia Swedish and several other European languages) EagleFiler cannot do it. Instead it puts up an error message. For example, if i try to import a mailbox named “Försök” I get the enclosed error message. I don’t have an IMAP path prefix set in the Advanced tab in Mail’s Accont preferences, so that’s not the solution.

Can you fix this? At the moment it prevents me from using EagleFiler since I have several mailboxes carrying names with such characters. I sincerely hope so!

Best regards

This is due to a bug in Mail. I don’t think there’s a way EagleFiler can work around it. You could:

  • Update to Leopard, or
  • Import the mailbox using drag and drop, or
  • Rename your mailbox.

Well, doesn’t quite work
Thanks for very prompt reply!

Pity about the Mail bug. Are you saying that Apple have fixed this in Leopard?

Unfortunately it seems that drag and drop doesn’t work for IMAP mailboxes. At least I get an error message “Unsupported File Type” when I try to use the Drop pad or drag directly to Records in EagleFiler. Is there any other method except renaming mailboxes that will work in Tiger10.4.11/Mail 2.1.3?

Best regards/Ingvar


Drag and drop of IMAP mailboxes is working for me. Which filename does the error report? You can also import from the Finder by dragging the .imapmbox folders that are in ~/Library/Mail/.