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Problem with MailPluginFix ?

I used the “MailPluginFix” app from http://code2k.net to allow MailUnreadMenu to work (which it now does). But shortly after, SpamSieve 2.9.13 would not work: it slowed Apple Mail down so much that I had to delete the program and all its entrails from my system.

Was it the result of installing the “MailPluginFix” app? If so, would SpamSieve work if I installed it AFTER I installed "“MailPluginFix” app? Or are they just not compatible? Or, perhaps it was just SpamSieve?

I don’t recommend doing that because by “fixing” it you are now running plug-in code that has not been tested on this version of Mac OS X.

There are no known problems like that between Mail and SpamSieve. The installation order shouldn’t matter. As to what caused the slowness on your Mac, we would need to measure. Please see Sending in a “Sample” Report.

So you’re saying you know of no reason why SpamSieve and the “MailPluginFix” app shouldn’t co-exist ?