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Problem with thz flags in importing Apple Mail mbox


I am a new user of EagleFiler.
I want to find a software to archive my mails and EafleFiler seems to be a nice option.

As of today, all my tests are ok.
Just one problem:
when I import a mbox from Apple Mail it seems that I lose the flags other than red ! (not the malis, just the flags).

Could you please help me ?
Thanks a lot in advance.

I’m working under MACOS 10 12 6 with Mail 10 3 (3273), french versions
(btw, sorry for my very bad english :wink:

The other colored flags should import into EagleFiler as tags named after colors (e.g. “purple”). Do you see these in the tags list? Please note that the color tags do not have abbreviation symbols by default (you can add them in the Tags inspector if you want, for example “:purple_heart:”) so it is normal that they would not appear in the Tags column of the records list (though they would appear in the Tag Names column).

Thanks a lot for your fast and efficient response.

I saw the tags list but I did not see ‘the link’.
It’s clear, just a little more complicated than the colored flags in mail but it’s ok…