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Problems after installing Leopard

This morning i installed Leopard and now everything is going into the Spam mailbox. The SpamSieve rule is at the top of the list, but none of the SpamSieve commands are in the Message menu.

Looking forward to fixing this.

You need to choose “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” from the SpamSieve menu.

Thanks Michael. Also thanks for your patience answering a question I should have been able to solve myself.


Apple Mail COMPLETELY hosed after SpamSieve plugin installed
Apple Mail was working fine after an upgrade to Leopard. Then I downloaded SpamSieve 2.6.5 and installed the Apple Mail plugin and ‘that’s all she wrote’.

Now when I bring up Mail, it opens and everything appears normal including being able to see all new and all previous message titles in each of my mail folders, EXCEPT:

  1. Nothing appears if a new or previous message title is double-clicked in order to read it’s contents … even after waiting for 10 minutes.
  2. Apple Mail now crashes every time the New Message button is clicked on.
  3. Apple Mail now crashes if a message Subject is selected (but not opened) and the Reply or Reply All buttons are clicked.

If I go to my local Library -> Mail folder ->Mailboxes, all messages can be read via the Finder’s Quick Look. So everything’s still there.

It’s as if Apple Mail has simply lost all recognition of where my email messsages are located. It’s now completely retarded.

I dragged SpamSieve to Trash but Apple Mail is still hosed. Before I dragged SpamSieve to Trash a warning message appeared each time Apple Mail was started that said: “‘SpamSieve.app’ is an application which was downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” What’s up with that?

Anyway, I now need to replace my ruined Apple Mail with a new copy.

Any suggestions?


SpamSieve wouldn’t cause any of this, however, installing SpamSieve could enable other Mail plug-ins that you have, and they might not be compatible with Leopard. Which files do you see in the folders:



Leopard has a new feature that warns you the first time you open each newly downloaded application. It should remember after the first time you tell it OK, though.

Hint taken and all Bundles removed … now Apple Mail is working again
Your hint to look in /Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Bundles and /Library/Mail/Bundles revealed obsolete items that had been activated and so I removed them. After removal of these bundles, Apple Mail started working again as it should.

Unfortunately the Apple Mail Junk detector is so inferior to SpamSieve that it’s painful having to put up with it. So I’ll watch expectantly for the next release of SpamSieve.

Thanks for the excellent advice.

Why not just reinstall the SpamSieve plug-in? There are no known incompatibilities between it and Mail.


25/11/07 22:54:15 [0x0-0x79079].com.apple.mail[3515] [LogPOPFetchTimes] Time to retrieve and route messages = 1.897
25/11/07 22:54:22 SpamSieve[3520] *** -[NSLock unlock]: lock (<NSLock: 0x14f95c40> ‘(null)’) unlocked from thread which did not lock it
25/11/07 22:54:22 SpamSieve[3520] *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug.

Leopard 10.5.1 + Mailtags 2.2b1 + Growlmail (not working) + Growl 1.1.2 neither

It’s not clear to me what problem you’re reporting. I was suggesting that the original poster re-install the SpamSieve plug-in and not use GrowlMail.

Growl and SpamSieve under Leopard

Michael, Growl has significant problems with Leopard. On my MacBook, running 10.5.1 and Growl 1.1.2, all updates current, Growl only posts notifications for Speed Download, not for Acquisition, Conversation, Growl itself, GrowlMail, Interarchy, iTerm, Newsfire, Psi, Quicksilver, SpamSieve, Temperature Monitor or Unicode Checker.

The Growl forums acknowledge that there are problems, saying specifically that GrowlMail does not yet work with Leopard. (There is a thread with a possible AppleScript temporary fix for Mail notifications.)

A lack of GrowlMail wouldn’t be so much of a hassle for SpamSieve users if Growl were working with SpamSieve under Leopard. SpamSieve notifies us, via Growl, about our incoming Mail.

GrowlHelperApp continues to log events in Console, but no notifications are shown.

That’s basically what the previous poster was trying to say: SpamSieve sends no Growl notifications under Leopard, using the latest versions.

SpamSieve continues to do its job, whether GrowlMail is installed or not (I tried both). It just can’t send notifications via Growl.

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about this, but I thought you would want to know. :wink:

It’s a pain being without a notifer. I save a lot of time by keeping a weather eye on those little messages. Grrr…

Aha, that makes more sense now. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that. SpamSieve is sending the Growl notifications, as you can see from Growl’s own log. I don’t know why Growl isn’t displaying them. One other user reported this problem and said that reverting to Growl 0.7.6 helped.

Thanks, I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

Yes, SpamSieve is doing its job, as are all the other Growl-supporting apps I run. GrowlHelperApp is also logging all those actions: the only thing that isn’t working is the display of notifications.

I’ll try regressing Growl, and report back.

Regresing Growl works
Yes, uninstalling Growl 1.1.2 then installing Growl 0.7.6 does seem to work!

I have notifications from my other apps, again.

I’ll keep an eye out and report any complications.

So far, the main one is that I prefer the Nano style, which doesn’t seem to be available in 0.7.6, but I’ll put up with that inconvenience until 1.1.2 works for me. :wink:

I’ll chase this up at the Growl forum, too.

Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Some function with Growl 0.7.6, but not mail notifications
Hmm, after some use, I see I’m only getting registration notifications for apps. So far, SpamSieve is not notifying me of incoming mail, using Growl 0.7.6.

I have turned off GrowlMail, since it’s non-functional. I don’t quite understand if it’s related to SpamSieve’s Growl function, or not. Even with GrowlMail disabled, should I still be getting those “SpamSieve: 2 good messages” notifications? I’m still seeing them in Console, but not as notifications.


This is evidently not going to be one of those quick-fix problems.

It’s not.

Yes, if you’ve enabled that notification in Growl’s preferences.

By the way, I wonder if it makes a difference for you if you run SpamSieve in English…

I turned off all the other languages (Finder/Cmd-i), which confused SpamSieve a bit: it took much longer to boot. However, it booted OK in English.

No Growl notifications displayed, though. :frowning:

It looks like I spoke too soon: SpamSieve has just started displaying Growl notifications!

So it looks like the language switch was the key. I have no idea why. :o

Does this make any sense to you, Michael?

(Besides, not much point translating SpamSieve if we can’t use the translations.)

No. I thought the language might have something to do with it, but a German user just reported that switching to English did not help for him, so I think there must be some other factor.

Here’s the thread in the Growl forum where they are discussing Leopard problems.

I’ve made some changes in SpamSieve 2.6.6 so that Growl should work better on Leopard.

Only number off messages

Hi Michael,

at first maybe excuse me my badly english. I will do my best to explain what not works for me.

At first I want to say that spamsieve is the best thing I ever seen. Used before SpamPale (Windows side) and must say this product is very good.

My problem now is that I setup (hope correctly see also screenshot) Spamsieve to notify me if a new mail arrive.

Spamsieve also do this for me but only show me (example) : 3 Good Messages

In the setup of Spamsieve I say: Use Growl system + Include Message body (hope translate it from german into english correct).

But it don’t work! Some idea what I do wrong or why it don’t work?

I use now Entourage 2004, SpamSieve 2.6.6 and Growl 1.1.2.

Thanks for your help.

Greetings out of Munich