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problems updating to version 2.6

I updated to the new 2.6 version of spamsieve last night - i don’t have the optiong to “replace” the folder as in the instructions so moved the old version to the trash and added the new version. I had some trouble making it work, but seems to be running now (I am using OSX 10.2.8 with entourage).

However the message that it’s a demo version keeps popping up - even though I purchased the old version and I understood this to be a free upgrade.

Do I need to do something please??

thanks for your help

I think the problem is that you were dealing with folders. The SpamSieve application should be stored directly in the Applications folder (not inside a SpamSieve-2.6 folder). Then, when you update, you’ll be dragging the new SpamSieve application into the folder with the old one, and since the names are the same the Finder will ask if you want to replace the old one. Going forward, please make sure that the SpamSieve application is not inside its own folder, and also empty the trash—the OS can get confused if there is an old version of SpamSieve in the trash.

Yes it’s a free upgrade. It sounds like your preferences file was damaged so that SpamSieve no longer knows that you purchased a license. Please lookup your serial number and then enter it into SpamSieve’s Purchase window.

thank you
thanks very much for your help - that seems to have fixed the problem, at least it seems to be working now…