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Problems with $ in passwords

Hi everyone. Great application. Our company starting to roll it out for all staff.

Anyone notice that v3.4.1 and .2 will not work if a $ is in password? We are testing on Sierra.

It seems to be working on my Mac with 10.12. Could you say more specifically what you are doing and what is happening? For example, what is a test password (not your real one) that doesn’t work? And what do you mean by “doesn’t work”? Are you getting an error? If so, is it when creating or mounting the disk image?

Earlier Versions Working

Hi Michael. Great product. Congratulations.

I am travelling so cannot quickly reply. Apologies for not providing error report. Hard when travelling.

Password was like this DubaiUAE.

My staff tell me that using v3.4.1 and .2 with the password did not end in a completed DMG. HOWEVER using v3.2.9 when loaded onto same machine v3.2.9 did create the DMG without issue. Same password in both cases. Same xxxxx.plist used in both cases (buried in Application Support/DropDMG/Configurations).

I know this is not much to go on at this time. Just feedback until we can provide error reporting. However some good news…

On the positive side I am the decision maker and we will be licensing app for all employees as is. App feels and works great without encryption setting on. Keep up good work.

OK, that password is working fine for me with the latest version. Looking forward to hearing more information when possible.