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Problems with Mail.app mailbox

I am also having difficulties with EagleFiler. This is y first use of the application and i just want to move some of the e-mails to it as the mail.app seems to be overloaded. I saw that the arhive is mounted as a volume and unfortunatey it’s size is 2 GB. When the captured e-mails volume reaches 2 GB, it is not possible to continue the operation as a pop-up window appears and says:

There is an internl error while importing Mailbox
IOError: 28 (No space left on device) for file: None

Any idea how to resolve the issue?

When you create an encrypted EagleFiler library, it asks you to set a maximum size. If you need more space, you would need to create a new library (with a larger size) and then import the old library’s Files folder into it.

Or, if you create a regular, non-encrypted library, there are no size limits except for the free space available on your hard drive.