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Problems with Spamsieve and new El Cap Mac Mail

SS hangs mail from quitting often. Things that were filtered with Yosemite are not being filtered with El Cap. Almost seems like a mixture of Mail and SS as problem. However, have a laptop with no SS and it works fine.

I’ve not received any other reports of that problem. Please record samples of both Mail and SpamSieve during the hang and then submit them via e-mail so that I can see why Mail is hanging.

The filtering accuracy should be exactly the same on 10.11. Please follow the instructions on this page.

What do you mean record Mail and Spamsieve ? One thing I noticed on killing Mail is that things are having problems getting moved to spam and junk folders. These dialogs are in the background and not seen until I close the app.

I mean, please follow the instructions on this page.

I’m not sure which dialogs you are referring to. Could you send in some screenshots?

Additional Info
I uninstall Spamsieve and not Mail is behaving correctly and things are not locking up. I can close Mail without it hanging, and messages about things that cannot be moved to trash do not popup. These message I mentioned earlier seem to only appear on closing or force closing Mail.

That’s good, but in order to help you I would need the information mentioned in the previous post.

I never received the information from Nevering, so I’m assuming that the problem is resolved.