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Problems with Trash

Hello again. I have deleted from EF a directory of about 500 mb with thousands of files.
But now it does not want to empty the trash, this directory is still there and crashes when trying to empty it.

I deleted the directory directly from Finder /trash in the library directory. I get an “Error” that it can’t find it, but it still indexes it.

Please send in the EagleFiler crash log and a diagnostic report so we can see why it crashed.

If you deleted the Trash folder manually, you’ll need to use Finder to create a new folder in that location called Trash.

Hi Michael,

I attach the diagnostic report, but the “crash log” does not exist, there is no log for EF.
I did not delete the “Trash” directory, but I deleted the content inside from Finder.

Note: I cannot attach the file because it weighs 5 mb, and I can only attach up to 4 mb. I will send it to you by mail a eaglefiler@c-command.com

I hope you can help me, thank you.

That’s strange that there’s no crash log file. Did you see an Apple crash reporter window when it crashed? Or was it perhaps some other kind of error being reported?

Thanks for sending the report. Deleting the files via Finder (not recommended) caused a large number of errors to be logged as EagleFiler tried to work with the missing files, and that caused the report file to be much larger than normal. The large number of errors also caused EagleFiler to roll over the log file, so the errors from the original problem are no longer there.

At this point, I would suggest rebuilding your library to get the database back in sync with the files that are actually in Finder. If you get any further errors, please save a diagnostic report and don’t delete anything.

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@Michael_Tsai I followed all the steps. The library is back to normal and much faster than before. The affected directory was a “node” installation and that’s why it was having trouble indexing so long before.

Thank you very much for your support.

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