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Procedure for spam made to look like it's coming from *friend's* email address

More and more, I’m getting spam that’s made to look like it came from a friend’s email address. (Clearly, those friends’ computers have been infected with spyware that has harvested email addresses from their address books — or similar.)

When I receive such messages, which are obviously spam, I’m hesitant to use Train As Spam, because I don’t want SpamSieve to subsequently assume that all messages received from that address are spam. But I also don’t know all the specifics of how SpamSieve works.

Is SpamSieve written to allow for this type of exception? Or does the Train As Spam command automatically flag all future messages from that address?

If you receive a spam message in your inbox, I recommend training it as spam. This will not cause problems for your friend’s address if it’s in your Mac OS X contacts. If the address is not in your contacts, and you don’t want it to be, you can (after training) find the name and address rules in the Blocklist window and uncheck them so that future messages are not blocked.

Great. Thank you.