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"Promote" spam email

I received an email that SpamSieve classified as “Spam50”. Is there some way I can promote other similar emails so that they are immediately classified as Spam99? A related question is this. If I were to get more of them like this one would the classifications for them gradually change without my intervention.

If you train it as spam and then get another one from the same sender, the new score will be 99.


OK, I’ll do that. Somewhere I got the impression that I shouldn’t train as spam if the messages were already recognized as spam.

BTW, I think it was you who was conversing with me and I mentioned that when I created the gMail filter that’s meant to not send anything to junk mail, then after I did that I would get back copies of every email I created or replied to. Well I can’t find that thread but I’d like to pass along this solution.

The blurred out part is my email address.

Right, I don’t recommend doing that has general practice. But if there are a few particular messages that get a low spam score and that you see as very spammy, it won’t hurt.