Purchase SpamSieve 3 and didn't receive license

I purchased my 3.x SpamSieve upgrade this morning, but I still haven’t received my license. The charge did go through on my cards, and the license is not in junk or anything.
When I try to retrieve my license, it still returns my 2.9.x license.

Is it possible for someone to confirm that my purchase went through correctly?

It looks like the purchase went through, and your information was sent to the digi.com address that you entered, whereas your 2.x license was purchased with a gmail.com address.

Oh dangit. Muscle memory. Wrong email. Sigh.

Is it possible to maybe re-assign that license to the @gmail.com address? This is my personal license and account and I think I even typo’d the work digi.com email.
Sorry for the hassle and thank you for the response!

I have updated the address, thanks.

Thank you! I received it. I appreciate your responses and software.