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QNAP File Server

I have QNAP file server that has a SSD Cache for optimal performance.

The disks are set up as Raid 5 and they contain “My Documents” about 125GB.

I access this from my Mac and from my Windows PC as well as my iPhone and iPad.

I am trying to set up a paperless office and don’t like it that Evernote locks you in.

I have heard that there are hacks that allow you to have spotlight search a Network Attached Drive but I was thinking that it might be more reliable to use Eagle Filer.

I want to consolidate all of my information on to one location. Right now I have stuff stored in Box, Drop Box, One Drive, iCloud, Evernote and on the QNAP.

I was thinking of setting up Dropbox to sync with Qnap so that I would easily upload while on the go and then use Eagle Filer to file and process the information in my workflow and then move everything over to the QNAP.

I would like to have it encrypted on the cloud w Eagle Filer but if I do then I believe that would limit my access by my iPhone and Windows Machine.

Any Suggestion on how to go about this.



Your general plan sounds fine. I guess I’m not sure what your question is. If you’re asking about encryption, yes, iOS and Windows cannot access encrypted Mac disk images. However, I believe the QNAP (if that’s what you mean by “cloud”) has its own file system level encryption. So you wouldn’t have to encrypt at the Mac level.

Also, you would probably get better performance by syncing your EagleFiler library to the QNAP rather than accessing it directly from there.