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Question about "auto" deletes

I hope I explain this correctly. I am using SpamSieve with Apple Mail, and it has been very good about catching SPAM. When it catches spam, it seems one of two things happen - the spam is either sent to my Apple Mail “On My Mac” spam folder where I manually delete it, or, I assume it is automatically deleted as I see a number against a red box appearing next to the SpamSieve icon on my Mac’s dock. If, for example, there is the number 8 showing up on the SpamSieve icon, I may only see 3 spam emails in my spam folder - which is why I assume several are being automatically deleted. Ok - here’s my question – how to I go about telling SpamSieve to automatically delete spams that are consistently, repeatedly showing up in my spam folder — or said another way, why aren’t repeat offenders automatically deleted. SpamSieve is catching the spam, but there are many spams from the same senders that I have to manually delete when I woudl think after showing up day after day, SpamSieve would auto delete instead of sending to my spam foldeer. Hope this all make sense.
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SpamSieve does not delete any messages. They all go to the mailbox(es) that you selected in the SpamSieve rule(s) in Mail. The number in the Dock is the number of new good messages.

SpamSieve doesn’t do this because it could lead to data loss. For example, suppose that a good message accidentally goes to your Spam mailbox and you either miss seeing it there or simply don’t look for a while. You wouldn’t want all future messages from that person to be deleted without your seeing them. What you can do about repeat offenders is set up Mail to move blocklisted messages directly to the trash.

Thank you – I didn’t realize that the number reflecte din the dock indicated good messages. But just to be clear, to immediately delete repeat offenders I would set that up through Apple Mail, and not SpamSieve?

Yes, you would set up the rules in Apple Mail as shown in Example 1.

Got it. Many thanks!