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Question about Drop Pad

The Drop Pad is very helpful, but on my laptop it gets lost. I dislike having to use the window or other keystroke command to bring it to the front at all times. Obviously there is a powerful grab function which I use most of all, but could there be plans to adjust the pad so it “sticks” in a bar in a side of the screen and is stickied there like a drawer? Something like Yojimbo or SOHO Notes (a stylistic choice I like in programs I like less). A gesture like command where the pad attached to the edge where I dragged it would be very slick.

This is not as important to me as smart folders, but I assume others have requested that.

I really love EagleFiler, especially the way you’ve chosen to build off a non-proprietary, easy to see database. Your updates are 2nd to none and very responsive. It’s a crowded field of PIMs on Mac, but EagleFiler works…logically, for lack of a flashier compliment.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am aware that people want easier access to the Drop Pad and am investigating various possible solutions. Your idea and having an option to make the Drop Pad float above other windows seem to be the most common requests.

In the interim you could try using WindowShade X which allows you to stick windows in the front (among other cool things).

Requires APE, though, which some people aren’t comfortable with. I’ve had it installed for ages and never had a problem, but your usage may vary.

I agree that ubiquitous access to the drop pad would be good, although with the “capture” key it’s not essential.

If you do have it float on top of other windows, please also make it resizable. Screen real-estate is always scarce, and the Pad is much larger than necessary.

Any progress on floating Drop Pad


Could we have a pref check-box to make the Drop Pad remain frontmost? Would be great.


Steve J

Yes, that’s on the to-do list.

Mind you that at least on the smaller notebook (eg. 12" and 14" PowerBooks and iBooks and probably also on MacBooks) this might not be an ideal solution. I’d prefer a Drop Drawer like it is offered by the likes of Yojimbo and Together. I hope you’ll consider a solution along these lines.

(Think about the continuously resurfacing rumors about a new 12" sub-notebook by Apple; despite the trend to larger and larger screens on the desktop, small(er) screens won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I generally wish that developers wouldn’t tend to forget that these days … :wink:


It seems to me that the main purpose of having the Drop Pad float is so that you can see which library is active. If you just want a drop target, you can use the Dock icon, and you can set your Dock to auto-hide in its drawer-like fashion if desired.

In EagleFiler 1.3.3, the Drop Pad is resizable.