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Question/Feature Request: Tag Cloud Customization

Hi Michael.

I’ve been evaluating EF for a couple of days now, and am seriously considering buying it. Great program. :slight_smile:

I do however have a small question, which might be more likely be a feature request:
Is it possible to customize the Tag Cloud for structure in some way?

It would be extremely helpful if the user could have a way to break the cloud into sections either by some sort of “split” character as part of the tag, or segmented by regex rules, or something.

For example… I’ve got tags for what room of the house this is a picture of. Those tags begin with “rm:” such as rm:Kitchen, rm:Livingroom, rm:Bathroom. I’ve also got more detailed information about the contents of the room such as rf:ChaiseLounge, rf:Armoire, rf:Ottoman. Also, there are other attributes which follow the same sort of tagging convention.

If the cloud could be told to automatically split the list into sections based on the prefix (ended by the colon character) or perhaps even more flexibly a list of regex rules for each section that would be helpful in finding the tags from several shorter lists.

Perhaps, and it might just be the control freak in me, if you could expose more information about x-eaglefiler/assign and unassign, and if there’s anything like x-eaglefiler/isassigned that could be used to tell the status of the current record? This would allow those of us who really want to create a structured “Tag Matrix” based on our specific need could make using EF even more efficient for our needs.

Thanks for your consideration, and making such a great program even even better.

That seems like a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Those special links, at least as currently implemented, are just for communication between the Tag Cloud window and EagleFiler itself. Are you wanting to use them in Safari or something? It’s not clear to me what “isassigned” would do. All of the tag stuff can be controlled via AppleScript, however.

You’re very welcome.

Either Safari/Firefox (I lean more toward Firefox myself) or links in an RTF document perhaps.

isassigned would return a value indicating the tag is on or off for the current record. Come to think of it, I wonder is there some way to find the current record ID? Maybey I’m reaching too far… Notification of record change should be enough, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Sad to say it, but being a recent Mac user, I’ve been totally eluded by AppleScript. On other platforms I’ve written in quite a few different languages, but I’m having a severe problem wrapping my head around AppleScript.

Out of curiosity what is the display mechanism that the tag cloud uses? If it’s (dare I hope) HTML/CSS/JavaScript then I would be very happy to be able to just provide a document with insertion points to let EagleFiler place the actual tag items themselves.

Maybe I’m stretching too far for a feature that’s just not meant to be… So far the library I’m testing with contains about 500 records (all pictures at the moment), and about 400 tags to be able to adequately describe the contents of those pictures.

OK, I’ll look into whether that’s possible for a future version.

I don’t think URLs can return a value. The OS isn’t fetching data from them like a server; it’s just sending the application a one-way command.

It’s a dynamically generated rich text view, kind of like RTF.

Great. Thanks so much for taking my idea into consideration, and thanks again for such a great program. :slight_smile: