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Question regarding Foward Messaging Rule (Item #4.2.5 in the manual)

I am using Mail.app for my email and I am trying to set up a situation where I can have Mail.app pick up my mail from my service provider, filter out the spam an then send it on to a gmail account that I can access from my phone.
(It sounds complicated, I know, but gmail is a much better web interface for reading my mail then the generic webmail POS that my ISP currently uses.)

I wanted to know if I can have a modification of item #4.2.5, “Redirecting Good Messages to Another Account,” forward the mail to another account, after Spam Sieve filters out the garbage, but still leave the original (Spam free) messages in my Mail.app mail box. I really hate burning up my available KB in my cell phone plan on offers for larger appendages and postcards from “a friend.”


Have you tried setting it up according to the instructions? Unless I’m misunderstanding you, that already does what you want, with no modifications necessary.

After reading the instructions, it was unclear if the mail was just forwarded onto another account or if the mail was forwarded with a copy of the mail was left in the mail application which has SpamSieve installed.

Does that make sense?

Maybe I should set up a modification of this rule (Change the condition from “Every message” to a specific “From”) and see if it works.

The instructions have you use the Redirect Message action, which works like the Redirect menu command. It sends a copy of the message to the other account, and the original message is still in Mail.

Cool, I will check this out tonight. Thanks!