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Questions about updating to 2.6

Hello. I was running SpamSieve last night when it told me a new version was available and prompted me to upgrade. The installer ran, and “About SpamSieve” now says 2.6, and everything is working fine.

However, just to be sure my installation was complete, I want to ask:

  • Was I supposed to have had a Finder window open with the updated software and then drag the SpamSieve folder to the Applications folder? (I have seen others mention this step.)

  • Was I supposed to install updated scripts for Entourage?

  • Or did the automated installer take care of everything that needed to be upgraded?

I apologize for the very basic questions!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece of software. SpamSieve has been such a help to me over the past 4 months. I cannot image going back to how things used to be!


No, that’s only necessary if you aren’t using the “Download & Install” feature. If you use “Download & Install,” it’s all automatic.

You can if you want, but it’s not necessary. The changes to the Entourage scripts were very minor.

Thank you, Michael, for your extremely quick response!