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Queue multiple imports

Hi Michael,
Is it safe or possible to queue multiple imports from mail? E.g. let’s say I want to import 20 folders each with thousands of messages in them. Is there a way to queue the requests so they can complete in batches?

~ Rod

Yes, you can, in general, queue multiple imports with EagleFiler, i.e. you can find the next batch of files/e-mails that you want to import while a previous batch is still importing (still showing green arrow on the Dock icon).

If you are using the capture key, you need to wait until the previous capture has finished (i.e. it has figured out what to import and queued that) before doing another capture. For example, wait until there is no camera badge on EagleFiler’s Dock icon before capturing again.

On the other hand, if you already know which 20 folders you want to import, you could also import them in one big batch…