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Quick-add, tabs and Together-like groups?

Hi, I have evaluated Together for a while now and think Eagler Filer after the 1.4 upgrade has become superior to Together in several ways (among other things much faster, better search, much less CPU-usage, many hidden features to discover).

But there a two things that I like in Together but do miss in Eagle Filer: a tabbed interface and Groups.

Tabbed interface: Double-clicking on an item opens the file (optionally) in a new tab, the record list disappears and there is more space to display the file.

Groups: A great feature that I’ve used quite often for projects: Groups are often temporary collections, “playlists” that exist parallel to folders or tags.

Additionally, as a bonus what about a quick add / quicknote feature. As it is already possible to create lots of different types of documents in Eagle Filer, why not add a quicknote feature as well? A small window that optionally stays on top for adding notes.

What do you think?

The current double-click behavior opens a larger editing window in a more powerful and specialized application for that file type. What do you see as the advantages of keeping all the editing in EagleFiler using tabs?

Since EagleFiler tags can already be used like playlists, why complicate things by adding a third collection type?

Please see this thread.

That I can have multiple files open at the same time. I prefer tabs to new windows. But Quick Look is a workaround here

OK, I have to agree with you!

I neither use Launchbar nor Quicksilver, but see that this feature is on your ToDo-list! Great!

Today, I have moved my files back from Together to EagleFiler and was impressed by the capture feature. Worked very well! Now I can finally deinstall Together :slight_smile:

OK, good to know.

I prefer tabs to new windows.

For editing files, I’m not sure I agree with you, nomad1 – I’d rather edit the files in their native programs.

Maybe tabs would be nice for browsing records, so that you can keep your place and switch between several records quickly, but I’m not entirely sold!

Me too!

Yes, for browsing records and for working with documents (working = reading, commenting, analysing, not editing)

I would also appreciate tabbed browsing. It’s much more comfortable while reviewing many records simultaneously.