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Quick Look and Page Up/Down

After pressing space in the Finder, I can change documents using up/down, and scroll the Quicklook window using page up/down. In EF the latter doesn’t work, it scrolls the record list instead. To e.g. page through a PDF you need to us the mouse :frowning:

It will work if you click on the Quick Look window to make sure it has keyboard focus.

I know, but in Finder that’s not necessary :wink:

With EagleFiler 1.6.1, you can click this link to enable the behavior that you want or this link to return to the default behavior.

Not quite, since this makes both arrow and page keys act on QuickLook, and none on EF. But maybe Finder is special. Thanks.

That’s why this isn’t the default behavior yet. I want to make it work like the Finder.