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Quickstart - import all files

I wanted to get this thing going quickly.

Is it best just to import all the files in my documents folder, and all my emails so that everything is in EagleFiler?

i.e. Do I just drag my entire documents folder into EagleFiler?

The first question is similar to what you asked in the other thread.

The second question is more low-level. If you wanted to import all your documents, I would not do it like that. Instead, I would create the EagleFiler library in your Documents folder, and then move (dragging between Finder windows) the other items in the Documents folder into the library’s Files folder. This will be faster than dragging to EagleFiler, since it doesn’t copy all of your data. Also, since you are moving the files, you don’t have to worry about having duplicates inside and outside of EagleFiler.