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Rating in the app store

Is there any way for us longtime users to rate Eaglefiler in the app store? (It would appear not, at first glance, but somehow I suspect that 2 people who have rated it so far did not just discover Eaglefiler, so I wonder if there’s a workaround.)

I would imagine potential buyers would want to hear from experienced users (though I can see the rationale for Apple’s approach, too).

(My impression is that the best way to use the app store is as a search engine–and then to buy software outside of it, to help the developers and also to have more flexibility in the product. Note that the app-store Eaglefiler has to be slightly different from the ‘outside’ one, b/c of arcane Apple rules.)

One of them really did just discover and buy EagleFiler; the other is a longtime user. In order to rate or review EagleFiler in the Mac App Store, you need to have gotten it from Apple. I do have a limited number of promo codes that I could offer to existing users who want to get it from there.

I’ve discussed some of the differences and tradeoffs here.