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RE: Training SSV for Postbox 3.0: *I still don't understand how to train...*

I want to start training w. multiple messages so training goes faster.

Here’s what I do: I select several messages in my inbox which I know are good. I then select Mark>As Junk (there is no ‘Not Junk’ item to choose in the menu), and all the messages are whisked away to my Junk Mailbox.

Question: Must I now find and select the same messages in the Junk Mailbox, select them again and then mark each one (or all together) as Not Junk?! If so that is an awfully lengthy, complicated and tiresome process. Moreover, I don’t know how to check messages which I junked and then not junked to verify they are now in the corpus’s White List.

Very confusing or have I missed something?

I do not recommend training good messages as junk, even as a prelude to training them as not junk.

Which version of Postbox do you have? I have 3.0.7, and if I select multiple messages in the inbox it shows “As Not Junk” in the menu. If this is not working for you, I suggest contacting Postbox support.

Thanks for your reply, Michael! My Postbox version is also 3.0.7, which I bought fairly recently.

I’m attaching a couple screenshots: the first shows what I am shown when I go to mark a message(s) as ‘As Not Junk’. As you can see from the screenshot there is no ‘As Not Junk’ to select; instead all I’m presented with is Mark/ ‘As Junk’; or, ‘Run Junk Mail Controls’.

The second screenshot is what I’m presented with when I choose ‘Customize Toolbar…’ from the View Menu. (I have already added the ‘Junk’ icon to the Toolbar, therefore it doesn’t appear among the available choices). As you can see, there is no ‘Not Junk’ icon to add to the toolbar.

I’ve gone over the manual (December 2012) for setting up Postbox 3.0 checked and re-checked several times, to make certain that all the steps have been completed correctly according to the instructions for setup. Do you think I should contact Postbox developer for assistance?

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.46.05 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.47.27 AM.png

No. Looking at this again, I think this is a normal consequence of Postbox’s design. If it already thinks that a message is junk or not junk, it will only let you mark it the other way. So I advise that you only train/mark the messages that were incorrectly filtered. (SpamSieve will automatically learn from the ones that it got right, anyway.)

Thanks, now I understand! :slight_smile:

Thanks, now I understand! :slight_smile: