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Reassigning/relocating messages

How can I move good/acceptable/wanted Email messages from “Suspect Email” and “Known Spam” to “Inbox.”?

Suspect Email and Known Spam are not SpamSieve mailboxes. They are probably from your server junk filter. So you could either turn that off or just drag and drop the messages to the inbox. It’s not necessary to train them as good because they are not SpamSieve mistakes.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll check with my Apple Email preferences again, but I didn’t see anything there that I could do. I’ll check again, though. As far as dragging and dropping is concerned, I’ve tried that…many times, but the messages I dragged to my inbox didn’t stay there. I don’t where they went. I think I’ll call Apple. Maybe they can tell me what I’ve been doing wrong. Thanks again for your help. You didn’t solve the problem, but I now know where I need to go to get more help.


Warren Jones
(Sat May 14, 2022)

It wouldn’t be in the preferences for Apple’s Mail app, but rather in the settings for your mail provider, which is probably something you’d need to log into via the Web.

If you are not able to turn off the filtering at the server level, it’s possible to set up this script to make SpamSieve review the messages in Suspect Email and Known Spam and move the spam messages to Junk and the good messages to Inbox.

Do you have any other computers or devices accessing this mail account that might be moving messages out of the inbox?