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recently added folder question

Is there a way to move the Recently Added smart folder to the top of the source list?


Sorry, it’s not possible to re-order the sources at present, but I agree that it would be useful, and I’ll add that to my to-do list.

thanks, that would be great. Would it be possible to place the smart folders at the top of the source-list? I find I use the Recently Added folder the most.

Yes, I think the way to go is to make all the top-level sources re-orderable.

Sounds great :smiley: Thanks for considering this!

Not that it necessarily fits EagleFiler architecture, though maybe there are some ideas here:

In DEVONthink, items at the top-level and in each group (folder) that’s opened in a separate window can be individually sorted by Name, Size, Date Modified, etc. or Unsorted. Child groups inherit the parent group sort order by default. And the sort order is sticky between subsequent openings of groups.

One thing nice about that is it helps makes group hierarchies more independent of their parents, which is useful for organizing different styles of databases within a single master database (especially in combination with the alternate views that DT supports).

Are you referring to the sort order in the source list or the records list?

Both, in a way. DEVONthink doesn’t actually have a source list although a couple of its views, Three Panes and Vertical Split, kind of emulate it. How and where items (records) are displayed with different sorting depends on the current view. Easier seen than said.

Every open EagleFiler browser window uses an identical 3-pane-style view, with source and record lists sorted independently. I didn’t figure out how/when the record list sorting is preserved/inherited.

Every open DEVONthink group window uses a separate view with a single sort attribute affecting all displayed items it contains. The view/sort is inherited and sticky, like I described in the previous post, although sometimes it gets confused (especially with window sizes). DT windows/views seem somewhat analogous to Finder windows/views.

Maybe some kind of EF/DT hybrid of views and sorting methods could be useful in EF although they might add unwanted complexity to its simple source list model.

At present, the windows are numbered and the state is preserved independently for each. When you make a change, it affects the default for new windows.