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Recipes in EF... Need to have them available at the store

Hi all! I am loving EF and one of the many uses I am using it for is Recipes. The issue I am having is that when I am at the store and I want to see a recipe it needs to download. But it doesn’t download or at least not as quick as I need or want.

Is there a way to make sure ALL the notes are downloaded on my iPhone/iPad BEFORE I need to access them?

Thank you for the help! Judy

Which app are you using to access the files on your iPhone/iPad? There are definitely apps that can pre-download all your files.

Hi Michael! Thank you for getting back to me. I am struggling with the Readdle app-it doesn’t seem to be able to read .rtfd/.rtf files. It’s great for reading PDFs though! Do I need a separate app for the .rtfd & .rtf files? Judy

I just tested Readdle Documents with iCloud Drive, and it seems to be able to display both RTF and RTFD files. What happens when you try to view the files?

I think my confusion (as I see it now) is that I have so many folders, etc. named Files… Some days my brain doesn’t function well at all. Here is screenshot of what I have… I think I have it now. Sorry to be such a bother. And yes, I can read .rtf and .rtfd files just fine. Judy

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