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Recommend'n for Email Client on Mac

I’ve been using Postbox for 8 months. Seems to have many small bugs/anomalies. About 2 weeks ago, possibly after an update but I can’t confirm that, it is indexing literally 80% of the time. It has become very close to useless. No help from Postbox without paying for Support – after I have already purchased the app for $40. Ludicrous. And the SPAM filtering is a joke. Utter crap IMO. So, time to go back to a SpamSieve-friendly mail client.

Airmail seems to be the only other client, better than Apple Mail, than will work easily with SpamSieve. Wondering if there are any major (or minor) complaints with Airmail. I may just go back to Apple Mail with Mailbutler again.

Thanks for any help,

I’ve had good luck using Apple Mail in Catalina. It has been working well for me for many years using SpamSieve. I’ve had growing pains, to be sure, with various versions of the app and SpamSieve. I still recommend that for use across the various devices we have here (iPad, iPhone, multiple computers and email ISP’s. Michael also has lots of good advice to share with you if you have specific questions.

Good luck!


I totally agree with @hseiden
I also use Smallcubed plugins. Theiri mailtags and mail acton are are must haves for me

Thanks for your info. I had been using SpamSieve and Mailbutler for a few years with Apple Mail before I decided to switch to Postbox 5, which I liked. When Postbox 7 was released I upgraded because it had some new features I liked, and was quite a bit ahead of version 5 in usefulness. So I gave up SpamSieve and decided to give Postbox 7 a try. The SPAM filtering seemed okay at first – definitely not nearly as good as SS. I gave it a chance for a couple months and it seemed to improve. It has now been about 8 months and I just can’t take the lack of intelligent SPAM filtering, especially of incredibly obvious SPAM. I mean, any message with all caps “FREE” in the subject should automatically be marked as SPAM, period. I also find quite a few things quirky in how Postbox operates.

Anyway, I was about to give Airmail a try, but so many posts about greedy new business model, I decided no thanks. So, now I am heading back to Apple Mail and trying to decide between Mailbutler and SmallCubed Mailsuite. Unfortunately, I find SmallCubed’s explanation of what Mailsuite does quite lacking. Beautiful web page, but not much in detail or examples. Yes, another free trial. Why can’t they describe what their suite actually does for me with Apple Mail?

So, any opinions between Mailbutler and MailSuite are much appreciated here.

Apologies for my long-winded post.

I have used Apple Mail with SpamSieve for years, ever since I weaned myself off GMail when Google changed from a bunch of math geniuses creating the best search engine around to a major worldwide ad agency with powerful tracking bugs. I have never been disappointed; SpamSieve catches all the garbage and maybe once or twice in all those years caught a ‘good’ email.

I considered Airmail, too, until money came into the discussion.

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