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Record viewer for unsupported file types

I just downloaded EagleFile and imported a large-ish project folder from the Finedr in order to begin evaluating it. This folder contains both supported (PDFs, text files, images, etc.) and unsupported file types.

When I select a file from within EF, some unsupported formats (like VectorWorks) simply display an icon in the record viewer, while others (SketchUp, for example) are actually loaded into the record viewer. If I select a LARGE SketchUp file, then my CPU usage shoots up to 100% and EF appears to hang, requiring a force-quit. Smaller files will actually display a nonsense string in the record viewer and (apparently) allow me to ‘edit’ the content from within EF.

If I do not display the record viewer, then selecting a large SketchUp file will still cause EF to become unresponsive for 30sec or so. Still quite annoying when trying to tag files.

How does EF determine which files are loaded into the record viewer? Is there a way to ‘teach’ it not to do so for additional file types?

As it stands now, the app is pretty unusable if I have to force-quit every time I select certain file.

Thanks for the report. Are there any other file types that are causing this problem for you?

If it looks like a text file (including XML) EagleFiler will try to display it.

Not currently, but I’ll look into adding such a feature.

I stopped looking because I figured finding another one would just freeze EF again. I guess you are suggesting that this is pretty rare, so maybe I’ll start it up again with a different folder import.

Well, I cannot find anything remotely text or XML-like about SketchUp files. When they occasionally are displayed in EF, they appear as dense strings of unrecognizable characters.

Just for fun, I forced one of the files to open in TextEdit and got the same behavior – 100% CPU and unresponsive TextEdit. So I think the more important issue is that EF even tries to read it rather than that it fails to read it successfully.

I don’t know if I’ll need a real, general-purpose feature, but I won’t be able to use EF habitually without some sort of work-around.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Yes, I’d never seen this happen before.

The SketchUp files begin with a byte-order-mark, which normally indicates that the file is text in Unicode format.

Hmm, so they do. Since the problem is rare and pretty clearly the fault of SketchUp, I supose I’m SOL as far as finding a work-around. It’s a shame that this pretty much makes EF unusable for me.

Well, thanks for the reply.

Not at all, since I can just make an exception in EagleFiler so that .skp files aren’t treated as text.

I can? How? Earlier, you said:

Is there a way to ‘teach’ it not to do so for additional file types?

Not currently, but I’ll look into adding such a feature.[/QUOTE]

So I thought this was a maybe-eventually-added-feature, not something possible now.

Edit: Woops, I just realized you said that YOU could make an exception, not that I can make an exception.

Please let me know when this might happen.

In the next update.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.4.