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Recording url

If I use F1 to import a web page from Safari, where do I find the url, which is required for bibliographies? The url is “stored” somewhere, but where do I find it? Sorry for such an elementary question.

You can:

  1. Hover over the record in the list.
  2. Choose Edit > Copy Source URL.
  3. Option-double-click on the record in the list to open the URL in your browser.

Thanks. I had hoped that the information was more directly available in the record with something like a contextual menu or use of the inspector. Still, so long as the url is recorded and available even if the system is off line, then this works.

Are you saying that you want the Copy Source URL command to be in the contextual menu (which it already is)? Or that you want to see the URL itself in the contextual menu?

No change needed. Yesterday, as a zero-hour newbie, I couldn’t figure out how to get the url fro a captured document, so as to put it in a citation… The answer is as simple as: (1) click on the record, (2) use Edit/Copy Source URL (or the contextual menu), and (3) paste into the citation. I doubt that there is anything simpler or better, but yesterday I was expecting to see the url in a field of the record.

A number of things were mysterious as of yesterday; some of those are obvious now. Others are not so clear as yet. In the meantime, I purchased EF because it is clearly a very nice program. I look forward to using it.

EagleFiler 1.3 adds the source URL to the Info inspector, so it should be easier to find. You can also Control-click on the URL in the inspector to copy it to the clipboard.