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Records Folder Appears as a Record in List View


In my “Record List View”(?) appears along with the titles of the documents I have imported into EagleFiler the Folder which contains the documents.

As this is difficult to describe, I have included a screenshot.

Is this normal for this view? If so, what settings do I need to change to NOT have the folders appear in the Record List View Folder?

If it is a bug, what is the best way to report it?

I am using the latest build of Mavericks (Japanese) on the latest MacBook Pro 15".

Looking forward to your guidance.

PS. I have only added a couple of records as I just setting up EagleFinder to be a major part of my workflow for the write up of my PhD thesis.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Records Folder.jpg

It’s normal for the records list to show folders. This lets you search for folders and edit their metadata. The Records source shows every record in your library (except those in the trash).

If you click on Unfiled, it will show you the top-level files without folders.