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Records not showing after latest Apple SL security update

About a two weeks ago I received the latest Apple SL update and applied it to my MacPro. A week ago I noticed that my most recent saves to EF were not in the library. So I did a test with a brand new library and did some web pages saves, some work, they show but some don’t unless you select the Unfiled smart folder.
I went back to check the records in my working library, and most of the records don’t show anymore AND the data field has been changed to Dec. 2000.
So I went straight to the library in the file system and the documents are still there. They are not showing in the library though.
So, two questions:

  1. Is there a diagnostic/repair tool for the library that I can use?

  2. What is the process to re-import the documents that are not visible in the library any longer without duplicating the records? I roughly have 1,800 records or so…

I did suspect a corrupt file system, at one point the machine froze when surfing and had to do a hard reset, but recovered with TechTool 5 Pro and did a complete drive analysis and directory repair and all checks out. No other symptoms that I can see at this point.

MacPro Xeon 2.8 Quad-Core, 8 GB Ram, SL 10.6.4

That probably means EagleFiler wasn’t able to load the proper date because the file was moved or deleted.

That’s very odd—it’s much more likely for the files to be missing than for EagleFiler’s library to be damaged such that it lost track of the files but still opened without error. Are you sure there’s no search in place that’s temporarily hiding the records in EagleFiler?

If you select the Records source you can use the Verify command. This will check that all the files are in the correct locations and that their contents have not changed. However, this will not be useful if indeed the problem is that the files are no longer listed in the database.

You can make a new library and tell it to import the other library’s “Files” folder in the Finder. This will preserve the metadata and checksums so you’ll still be able to verify the files once they’re in the new library.

It does sound like a filesystem problem to me. However, just because the directory was “repaired” doesn’t mean that everything is fine now. Did you check for bad blocks?

The search box shows “Anywhere” so I think we are safe there…

I did a verify on Records, and the result box show “verified: 1,120 failures:1,120” yet I can see a number a records in the listing window…if I select a record though it simply will not display and the message “This Web archive could not be displayed: perhaps the file is damaged or missing.” shows up.

I did and had the drive also optimized, etc. It seems that the data is still there, EF is somehow not able to see it.

And the box is empty?

What this means is that EagleFIler is tracking 1,120 files but that none of them are currently where EagleFiler put them in the filesystem. Did you move them using an application other than EagleFiler? Do you see them in the “Files” folder in the Finder?